Professional Massage Courses

Swedish Thai

Our unique techniques are blended of East meets West, from traditional Thai Therapeutic and Swedish massage techniques to become “Swedish Thai Massage”.

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Hand and Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is extremely effective and is based on the principle that reflexes in the feet and hands correspond to each organ and structure in the body, and are linked to those organs by energy channels, zones or meridians. Reflexology is applied to destroy these blockages, allowing the energy to flow freely again, so restoring the body’s natural balance and therefore good health.

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Would you like to harness the awesome power and potential of essential oils? Essential Aromatherapy is an introduction to using essential oils with the use of Massage. Learn some of the many and varied ways that you may use Essential Oils for your benefit.

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Swedish Thai Full Body

Foot Or Hand Reflexology

Aromatherapy Massage


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