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 Duration : 30 Hours
 Start : Monthly

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Chronic pain in the elderly is usually treated with drug therapy. However, alternative therapies, including massage therapy, have become more widely accepted. In this course, you will learn the physical and mental changes that occur with aging, then learn how to properly adjust your techniques for frail and robust seniors.

So many of our elders are left alone and many feel very isolated. Geriatric Massage helps senior citizens connect with other people by fighting feelings of isolation, restlessness, and uselessness that many elderly suffer from.

Massages for Senior Citizen is given with extra care, their health needs are taken into consideration when providing therapeutic massage. Conditions such as arthritis, stroke, heart problem and etc should be considered when providing massage. Providing the correct techniques will very much help decrease their chronic pain and improve their mobility.


When you become a qualified WA massage therapist, a range of career opportunities are available to you. These include managing your own business, working within health retreats and spas, providing massage services to elite athletes, working in corporate health and more.

Wellness Art can help support and guide you as you make your way through the course and into your career.

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Wellness Art offers the flexibility to study some of your subjects online. With the support of an online dedicated trainer and a robust Learning Management System, you can fit study around your work and personal commitments.

Online study offers:
- Flexibility of study in both time and location
- All course material is available online
- Dedicated online trainer
- Ability to book one-on-one consultations

Check with us to see which courses are available online.

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The trainer trains us with heart. I learn Corporate massage and have joined into service corporate clients. Seeing the numbers grow in my bank account gives me more incentives to take up other courses here.

I love the trainers, I love my mentors because they the best.

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The trainers were very experienced, knowledgeable, fun & entertaining to be with. enabled me to provide more wholesome & complete care to my patients by offering alternative & complementary choices.

My posture & health has improved as an added bonus!

Zuraidah Wray


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